Our Culture

Excellence, Integrity, Service, and Charity

What Defines Us

AQUINTAS culture is defined by core values which include Excellence, Integrity, Service, and Charity. Our culture starts with empowerment by serving each other and our customers with excellence.

We pave a way for employees to reach their full potential by placing them in a position of strength by which they are better equipped to serve the needs of our customers. A deep commitment to our values drive us to be a part of something larger than ourselves.

Core Values


We pursue first time quality in preference to status quo. We are accountable for continuous improvement. We take ownership (stewardship) to ensure our objectives are met through careful planning and responsible execution.


We are transparent and promote direct honest communication. We are accountable for our own actions and accept responsibility for them. We operate with the highest ethical actions, honor our commitments and build strong relationships based on trust. We proactively create enduring value despite short-term pressures we face.


We listen carefully to consider different perspectives and are proactive in meeting the needs of others to enable success. We recognize and acknowledge the contributions of others. We provide the right environment for the development of our people and enable personal growth.


AQUINTAS will always have a heart of Charity and will remain a core center piece of our company. When you do business with AQUINTAS you have a direct hand contributing to the needs of thousands around the world. Below are our current programs driven by AQUINTAS Charity.

Current Charity Partnerships

Drill Fresh Water Wells in the Amazon

Feed Orphans Around the World

Educate, Feed, and Clothe Children in South America