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Experience, Commitment, Integrity

Robin Wright

Robin created AQUINTAS, Inc to provide excellence to the warfighter and ensure 100 Percent Mission Success. With 27 years supporting the Department of Defense he brings an unwavering commitment to excellence in each area of the business.

As the President and CEO of Tapestry Solutions, a Boeing Company, he led the largest growth in company history with 900 people across eight countries. Robin worked directly with Ministries of Defense, Foreign Militaries, Presidents, CEOs and Global Partners to ensure mutual customer success.

Robin has been in the technology sector his entire career supporting real-time mission critical systems.

Robin earned his BS from The United States Air Force Academy and his MBA from Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri.

Del Christman

Del has been on the front line of DoD and commercial autonomous systems (AS) applying his expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to both sectors.
He spent 12 years as an Assistant Professor of Computer and Cyber Sciences as well as Electrical and Computer Engineering at the United States Air Force Academy. He also taught Cryptography, stood up the Cyber Training Program teaching ethical hacking and defense methodologies, and was the lead faculty for AI and ML.

Prior to the becoming a professor, Del was a 24-year Air Force aviator/commander with experience in 10 different AF aircraft including gliders, supersonic trainers, fighters, airlift, and command and control amassing 5000+ hours with 1000+ in combat. His experience in combat systems have enabled him to focus research and development efforts in AS, AI and ML for defense and extend those same capabilities to industry.

Del earned his BS in Aerospace, Aeronautical Engineering from The United States Air Force Academy, his MS in Computer Engineering from Colorado Technical University, and his PhD/ABD in Neural and Cognitive Systems from Boston University.